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graceface's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]

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[06 Nov 2008|06:10pm]
i'm about to graduate from fucking college in like... a month and a week. wtf?
i watch way too many movies. they just put out this beta thing for macs on netflix to watch movies instantly. its pretty sweet.
i haven't done anything in so long. how the hell do you make friends as you get older? i don't want to just have work friends. ew.
i need to stop spending money on pointless shit like lunch boxes and key covers.
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[30 May 2008|07:09pm]
europe was amazing. i have bruises everywhere though. ummmm id post pics but nobody reads this anymore. sexy gay party.
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negative [08 Apr 2008|04:11pm]
went to a meeting today for my trip to europe next month. i can't get excited at all. i don't particularly enjoy these countries. i'll be in amsterdam for 2 or 3 days, rotterdam for 1. antwerp for a few; i've never heard anything about that place. bruges is also on the itinerary, which was cool last year but i don't know.. i think i'm just pissed that i have to spend so much freaking money.
i'm graduating in december. i'm looking forward to that, but also i'm not, because tyler will be leaving soon after that.
once i get home from europe, we're going to move to an apartment in norfolk. its going to be nice to actually move somewhere of my own. somewhere where i'm not half unpacked and can't find anything i need. it'll be the first time since richmond. but still, i'll only be staying there until feb or so.
i can't wait until mario kart comes out for the wii.
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[15 Mar 2008|12:02am]
im movin to cali and i dont care!
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[20 Feb 2008|09:40pm]
i can't get away from work! whether its school or t-mobile. its very hectic lately. i picked my study abroad program; i'll be going may 14-28 to nw europe. because they won't allow a different return flight for me, tyler and i are going to do our traveling after i return, perhaps the day after? just thinking about returning to the us for 1 night makes me insane. we had our one year anniversary last weekend, it was very nice. he made me a starter pack and got me roses and red sheets. here he comes now!
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[14 Feb 2008|02:49pm]
this semester is extremely stressful already. work is getting worse by the day. im going to california for six days in march. i miss my dog and taking pictures and playing music especially. im surrounded by too many unfamiliar people. thank you tyler for being my valentine again!
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borjo [03 Dec 2007|07:10pm]
i scrubbed my body really hard in the shower the other day to give it a nice polished-finish to start off December. i'm eager for this month, my 22nd December. this year has brought really amazing surprises: dreams came true, became head over heels, traveled abroad, took a nine hour car ride, truly tasted the midnight air, liked mushrooms, got my wisdom teeth pulled out, met a stimulating partner, preserved. Although there were some bad moments, like not making any creative progress, procrastinating a million miles, fearing the future, and failing a semester because of too many late nights, it brought spanish/french speaking back and forth, food in the movies dates in full bloom, lots of passion sprinkled at random, among other notable things. oh well, i'm happy mostly. in 6 months? i don't know.
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[02 Oct 2007|08:43pm]
i'm getting really nervous about this study abroad requirement. i'm considering a program that is 1 month and another that is six months. i don't know how i feel about leaving for six months. i might have someone to go with me but it makes me uneasy. about myself. every time i take a trip to europe its seriously life changing. but what would happen in six months? i have a lot to think about.
anyway, school this semester is going pretty well. i'm working a lot harder, but it seems difficult sometimes to sit down and do my work. there are so many other things going on.
i'm planning on taking a trip to europe in may with tyler, before my study thing. i've saved up a lot of money so far. i've cut back on spending lately and i don't use my check card anymore. it feels pretty awesome.
i had an awesome birthday this year. i think it may have been my best yet.
time to stop being distracted.
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[20 Aug 2007|11:57am]
new york was amazing. we did some shopping, saw avenue q on broadway, saw the cribs in brooklyn, went to barcade, ate awesome food, walked around the village, rode on a boat, had our 6 month anniversary, smoked in a bathroom, lost my phone in an taxicab, sat on alice in wonderland's lap, spent a few hours at nintendo world and bought ds', ate a hot dog, listened to 1610am, got lost in the subway, and went to some sweet exhibits. i get really depressed when vacation is over. but it hasn't been too bad. school starts soon. i've been sleeping next to electronics for the past few nights. i can't wait to not be broke again.
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i think its beautiful that you are 256 colors too. [03 Jul 2007|09:17pm]
the weather is awesome right now. summer school is going well. i just don't like that i can't stay up late without feeling bad. tomorrow will bring an end to the wednesday party streak. everything is amazing, except for the car accident and my ipod getting stolen. but everything worked out. i've made a ton of new friends. my boyfriend is the best. we will be celebrating our six month/end of summer in nyc this august. my aunt got us four nights at the excelsior hotel. i can't wait. i've been taking a lot of pictures lately and i started one of those flickr things, so let me know if you have one too. okay bye.
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[11 Dec 2006|08:53pm]
ive never wondered about someone so much in my life. its a good feeling, i think. but i'm going to put off learning about him. assuming hed ever let me. but geez. i dont know.
last night was our christmas party. i had a good time getting dressed up and dancing. even though the food sucked and there were no prizes, im glad i went. maybe i'll post pics when i figure out to resize them on my mac.
anyway i leave for europe in 16 days. im not really sure what i'm doing there yet. i just know that we are flying into london, somehow getting around to italy, amsterdam, and maybe france. all within two weeks.
that song girl sailor on the new shins cd is so good. im so tired of studying/writing papers. exams are this week; my last one is on thursday morning. then celebration.
life is good and im glad i know who i know.
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[09 Sep 2006|01:45pm]
hellllo. well school has started and i already feel overwhelmed! i only work part time but i guess since i live at the beach now it seems like a lot more with driving. i had a super busy week and then finally when it ended, my car broke! i dont need a new car but i am looking at a few to buy in the future, since the only bill i pay is electricity. i changed my major to international business with a european track and its required that i study abroad. i am so nervous and have no idea when or where i am going to do that. i turn 21 soon. yuck.
the apple store opened in macarthur today so im thinking i should go buy an airport so i can compute in bed! i'm at home right now stealing internet from jesus christ but my clothes are done drying so au revoir!
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[10 Aug 2006|11:11pm]
richmond was fun. it made me miss it a whole lot. hopefully i will be back up there a lot this year to visit. veronica and i got a chance to catch up and plan where we wanted to go. we decided on vienna, turin, amsterdam, and london. i am so excited.
today i went shopping and spent all my money. whatever.
some peoples actions really make me wish they didnt exist. they do the most rediculous things. and yes that does include myself.
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[09 Aug 2006|12:38am]
i'm so tired but i dont feel like sleeping. tomorrow i am visiting richmond. i havent been there since i left for school last year.
i need to start this long process of getting my passport. since i got mine before i was sixteen, i'm not able to just renew it. i'm a little frusterated by that rule.
ugggh im gonna go read.
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my little glassjaw baby [21 Jul 2006|08:38am]
life has changed a lot in the past month or so. i moved back to the beach. work is still the same, but can get frusterating very easily. yesterday i got $10 off my oil change for having pretty toes. even though i have a gimp one from falling down the other night. i just got home, and i cant decide if i should go back to sleep or not. i'm not really that tired, but i have to work at 3. i am excited to see lady in the water. i dont have any days off this weekend, but next week i have 3, and i only close 1 night hm. i would eat white pizza from california pizza kitchen everyday if i could. but thats all.
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[13 Jun 2006|12:15pm]
and happiness is just a dream or so it seems
its something that i can never see
and i just want to lay my head in your arms
and bleed awhile

sunshine go away i don't want to play
come back again some other day
when ive got something beautiful to say
and stay awhile
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[04 Jun 2006|05:38pm]
6/4/06 news:
new compy.
still working @ macarthur.
want to play music so bad. not sure who to play with.
(feel weird)
taking summer class. a class i already took and got a d in. $600.
going through difficult times has taught me many important things.
a bike ride sounds nice.
(if my tires werent flat)
i think i'll wash my car tomorrow.
its the wheat of the nick.
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[09 Apr 2006|10:04pm]
not much is going on lately. worked all weekend. it sucked but whatever, money is cool. josh and i are broken up. school needs to be over. got two tickets to mogwai in dc. got drunk off half a bottle of smirnoff. got tuesday and thursday off. but i could really use a backrub.
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[04 Mar 2006|07:58pm]
when i got home i was alone. i counted stars on the ceiling. i fell in love with that feeling.
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[27 Feb 2006|07:51pm]
ive got this god damned paper to write and i just cant seem to get past page 1. josh and i have been fighting every day and i dont know what to do. i cant seem to make conversation with my old friends, and i just want to go to belgium and chill. i ran out of gas the other day when my gauge said i had half a tank. and that pretty much sums up everything as of late. see ya next time.
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